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The exciting history of Barend Sweefarend

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  • The exciting history of Barend Sweefarend

    Barend Sweefarend was a remarkable man. He loved traversing the world in search of knowledge and adventure.

    Then of course he would write about it.

    One of the places he wrote about a lot was a huge, secretive island that he referred to as "Trofis".

    On Trofis, lots of things unheard of was going on. Somebody Barend referred to as "Madman Uys", had somehow through the use of experiments and magic created a bunch of dragons and monsters to scare intruders away.

    Why though? What is it Madman Uys is cooking up on Trofis? Dark, sinister plans for the world, by the looks of it.

    Unfortunately, Barend could never warn the world, because they didn't believe any of the overtly fantastic tales and anecdotes Barend had to tell.

    Fortunately for you, dear reader, you can be transported back to this scene by clicking here!

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