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The world is on fire!

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  • The world is on fire!

    Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski have been fighting the fire as well as they can, and for a moment in time they thought that perhaps they are slowing the fire down enough to help save some of the environment.

    Soon however, a gust of wind comes up asif out of nowhere, and blows the fire forward with such speed, Kevin and Majoor can only flee in horror.

    They jump onto Kevin's motorcycle and skedaddle.

    Will they still be able to get home though? As more than one fire is approaching out of all directions, things seem bleaker and bleaker for our two friends.

    Meanwhile, Sarie is scurrying about with a few of her possessions on a tray. She's trying to save what she can, but it isn't much, as her whole house is already engulfed unrecognizably in flames.

    Somebody in a shear panic runs into her and she drops all her possessions neatly into the flames. D'oh!!

    The flames are too much for her to handle. And what's worse, Wolkop is missing in the flames too! Oh no, has he perished in the fire?

    Flames, flames, flames and more flames consume the world at a frightening speed!

    Such is the new scene of EENDAG that we have released today.

    View this red hot movie now!

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