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    Well, our heroes have survived the earthquake, but they're not staying here after nightfall. If such an earthquake occurs while they're sleeping, who knows how fatal that could be.

    Isadôra is also concerned that maybe it's all caused by sinkholes, falling in under the house. The house might fall in next!

    So, Kevin, Majoor and Isadôra rent a room in the city for the night. Isadôra turns in early.

    Kevin and Majoor just go outside to fetch themselves something warm from the car, when they spot what they think is a parking ticket on the windscreen.

    It's no parking ticket. It's a message that says "KEVIN, COLLECT US".

    Collect what for Pete's sake?

    Oh, hold on, there is another message on the pavement a little distance away. Is this what Kevin is supposed to be collecting? Messages?

    His curiostiy gets the better of him and he starts collecting these messages. They seem to form some kind of message, but Kevin will need to collect more of them to get to read the entire message.

    While he's being led away by these alluring messages, Mom is having nightmares. All this rumbling of the city and its traffic and night life, makes her dream of more earthquakes and horrors.

    If only the horrors were to stay in her dreams, but real life has a frightning night in store for her too!

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