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Majoorbot, the flying robot

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  • Majoorbot, the flying robot

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    The young man is still chasing after the strange light in the sky. He believes that it might tell him who he is, what his purpose is, and why he is here.

    But the light keeps moving over mountains and canyons, and our young friend is getting tired of having to run and climb and exhaust himself.

    Finally when he's right at a ledge, he shouts: "I demand you stop!"

    Amazingly, the light stops dead in its place. It listens to him? Why does it obey him?

    "Lights off, please!", continues our young man, now having taken charge of the situation.

    The light around the object fades away, and our young friend can see that it's a flying roboticlike creature, not unlike the Kronobot, but not the Kronobot.

    But there seems to be a communication issue here; the object in the sky can only make robotlike doggy sounds. Our friend will have to accept that he might not get any answers out of the doggy robot. He goes to sit down to rest and reflect.

    Behind him, the robot lands. It does this thing where it rotates around with its top part with two antennae on top, in circles on its bottom part.

    It is then that he spots the writing "MAJOOR" on its back.

    What does this mean? That this is the robot version of our young man's pet called Majoorbot? Well, that's one way to immortalize one's pet!

    Our hero can't remember actually building Majoorbot, but it's typically something he would do, seeing as he knows he's into creating robots. A part of his memory is a bit foggy and gone, but he does remember little details like that when triggered by events before him.

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