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MooiFlieks announces the release of EENDAG edition 1!

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  • MooiFlieks announces the release of EENDAG edition 1!

    It is finally available for your viewing! EENDAG edition 1 has now been officially released for your viewing pleasure. What is EENDAG edition 1 about? Well, here is a short synopsis:

    Kevin has a life dream to build robots that will assist mankind in acquiring a passive income stream.

    Big is his excitement when he finds in the basement a map that might lead to lots of hidden gold or money - this can be the funding he's been looking for!

    But then multiple curses seem to befall him: Fires, earthquakes, dark creatures that attack his loved ones... but Kevin isn't fooled: He knows there's somebody behind the sabotage, and he'll beat them and have a victory!

    Length of this edition of EENDAG: 30 minutes

    There is a version with English subtitles, but if you're Afrikaans literate you may want to watch the version without the subtitles here.

    Please enjoy the movie!