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New movie trailer for EENDAG edition 1

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  • New movie trailer for EENDAG edition 1

    We've made a neat trailer for EENDAG edition 1 which you can view at New movie trailer for EENDAG edition 1 - EENDAG The trailer is a bit of the movie nicely flanked by a beginning title screen and an end informational page.

    So maybe it's a preview and not a trailer. Please know that from now on when we say trailer, it could also mean preview and vice versa. Or maybe not vice versa.

    Anyway, in this piece of movie we see the wind coming up.

    Kevin is startled out of his wits.

    Kevin has been trying to extinguish the fire by slapping it around with a tree branch, but now that the wind has come up so fiercefully, well there's just no way Kevin can do anything further.

    Kevin and Majoor Blaffinski jump onto the motorcycle and try to get out of there as fast as they can.

    They now see that while they were working on trying to kill that fire, many other fires broke out all over the place and it may be impossible for them to get home.

    Meanwhile, poor Sarie is running around with Annah's last things in the fire. The fire had already reached her house and is completely destroying it.

    Somebody who is panicking, runs all the things out of Sarie's hands. And now she's trapped!

    Wolkop who she knows was drunk and sleeping somewhere in the house, might also be burning to a crisp as we speak!

    Who's going to save them now?

    It goes without saying - please watch EENDAG edition 1 on EENDAG edition 1 to find that out, and more!