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    Creating a school....

    Well, we need a school in our movie. I used to do it by rendering it out in Truspace.

    However, suddenly this time we need a school, I don't feel like using that 3D animation again. Don't know why.

    So, instead I have been wondering what else we could do. The answer came to me: Use stock photos.

    Well, I searched online for free stock photos like crazy.

    And I must say, I hate it that many sites advertise that they have free images, but then when you go on their site, they advertise mainly buyable images from shutterstock or the like, and have only a few no-go images that are actually free.

    But, fortunately, my search of hours and hours and hours finally did give me a few high school building pictures that I can adapt.

    I think I have one so far. Only thing is it needs to be night. So I'll change a daytime picture into a nighttime picture using photo software. And it needs a few other touches.

    Hopefully soon we shall have our high school, Leeukopkraal High.