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What Color Is Your Robe?

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  • What Color Is Your Robe?

    What color of robe is Jesus wearing? He’s wearing the white robe of perfection. (Genesis 3:15, he’s the second Adam) Now, what did Jesus do? He died for the fact that all people became the bearers of the black robe that they inherited from the first Adam. (Romans 3:10) He took the black rode upon himself. He took the entirely of it, according to the apostle Paul, and he answered God’s justice concerning that “black robe” when he died. So, the black robe is no longer the issue. But don’t for a moment make the mistake that the black robe associated with our fleshly existence goes away. God’s justice has been satisfied for the black robe to be sure, but sin will remain a part of our earthly existence as long as we remain in our earthly bodies. Does the issue of God’s justice being resolved for the black robe place those for whom that justice has been resolved into the white robe of perfection? The answer is NO! No one will be able to dwell with God apart from wearing the white robe of perfection which belongs to the Savior himself. Apart from the Savior’s righteousness, no person is going to dwell with God in Heaven. A person can try to Christianize that black robe by making it conform to the rules and regulations adopted by their denomination. They can make new commitments and top those new commitments with re-commitments, but they can never dress up the black robe with the robe that matches the white robe of perfection worn by the Savior. 

    The sin issue has been resolved through the sacrifice of Jesus. You see, it’s not the issue that God’s justice needs to be satisfied, it has been satisfied. The issue is: Will a person believe it. People’s great need now is to be placed into the sin bearer and that does not take place until a person believes that Jesus became the sin bearer. That’s what believing the words “he died for my sins” is all about. A person can say those words all they like, but unless they believe Jesus accomplished something where their sins are concerned when he died for those sins, Paul’s good news message is hidden to them. Satan’s ministers of righteousness are busy at work within the righteous structure called religion in order to keep the meaning of Paul’s good news message hidden; to keep people’s eyes blinded to the truth of what was really accomplished. Understanding our completeness in the Savior should motivate us to love the one who died for us and also motivate us to love those for whom God’s son became sin. When your mind is in alignment with God’s mind, when you are reconciled to what he believes to be true, you are placed into God’s son.
    2 Timothy 2:15, approved where? At the Judgement Seat of the Savior. A workman worthy of God’s praise rightly dividing the word of truth.