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i need feed back on the topic of yuo culture please help!!

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  • i need feed back on the topic of yuo culture please help!!

    I'm a student in Casper Wyoming and we (me and other students) have to do a dialog on the culture and you views on that topic if you like or don't or if you don't care. Or if you think it is fine the way it is.or what you would change.In your replie please also tell me you race and age if this bugs you to do, then that is fine. Thank you for your time

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    Good heavens, is everybody in the USA on drugs?
    I am a Khaki person, 341,7 years old and originate from the planet Youranus.
    My account for my time is payable asap.

    Ngiyabonga kakulu


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      I am from the planet called Alpha Mie'dwe, 49° 13' N 122° 54' W and is 528359 years old in cockroach years, is 1,5' wide and is newt, has 3 arms, 4 eyes, checkered hair, no brain and loves to drool!


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        My dear Resse

        i am be happie too suppy jou wif thu inphormathion u nead or dont knead or maybe nead if you dont need it at al and if you care at all thu info is very much eesy you sea we have two much coultures hear to be able to help yoo if yu are knot more spesifeec or if you dont care it ees fein just if it suits you or all peeple else where thy can be find ( even fom outta spais- yu know thu aliens) as yuo rekwested now mabe i is two many off a hurry to anser you poperly and aye apologeize 4 that or maybe knot or if i doesnt care(gasp!)