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    Hello everyone, my name is Anna Park from Vancouver, Canada. I'm a university student, majoring in Marketing with a keen interest in International Business/Marketing. As a term project for a class I am asked to assess the business environment in South Africa and assess the market opportunities there. I've been looking for information for months but there are some issues that I can't find. For example, how would you describe the social/cultural environment? Like, do South Africans like foreign goods? Or do they have certain preferences for certain good?

    I need all the help I can get. Please get in touch!

    Anna Park
    [email protected]

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    Anna, am not southafrican but i live in southafrica. according to your question
    yes, southafricans like foreign products
    even though the government is against it.
    pple around here(well those that i know) adore american products, its more like most of them try to act the american way, lead an american life style and the like, and obviously if you are going to lead an american life style u need to be in touch with american culture, which you cannot do without american products.

    i'll try get you as much information as i can.