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Marshal Papworth Masters Scholarship, UK

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  • Marshal Papworth Masters Scholarship, UK

    Marshal Papworth scholarship fund one-year postgraduate courses such as MSc or MA and these are only for students from developing countries.

    As an agricultural charity we tend to favour land-based postgraduate courses, including Sustainable Development, Waste Management, International Horticulture, but will consider more general courses such as Project Management and Economic Development.

    We expect students to gain acceptance on a suitable course. Please see below a list of universities/colleges that we are currently working with.

    Universities/Colleges Currently Working with Marshal Papworth
    Cranfield University
    MSc Land Reclamation and restoration
    MSc Integrated Landscape Ecology
    MSc Environmental Water Management
    MSc Community & Water Sanitation

    University of East Anglia
    MSc Environment and Development
    MA Development Economics
    MA Agriculture and Rural Development
    MSc Water Security and International Development

    University of Wales, Bangor
    MSc Agroforestry
    MSc Environmental Forestry
    MSc Conservation & Land Management.

    The University of Reading
    MSc Environment and Development
    MSc Applied Development Studies
    MSc Communication and Development
    MSc Food Security and Development
    MA Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods.

    University of Leicester
    MSc Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
    MSc Environmental Informatics.

    Royal Agricultural College
    MSc International Rural Development
    MSc Sustainable Agriculture and Food security.

    Writtle College
    MSc Conservation Management under Global change
    MSc Horticulture Crop Production
    MSc Post Harvest Technology
    MSc Livestock Production Science
    MSc Animal Welfare and conservation

    You cannot apply directly to the Marshal Papworth Fund. Prospective Scholarship Students should contact their chosen University/College directly and apply for their chosen course

    Applications for Scholarships must be received by the Fund not later than the end of the second week of April or the last day before the Easter break, whichever is the former.

    Click here for further scholarship details and application

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