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  • Work for Africa - volunteers

    Volunteers needed in Africa and Central America
    Social Work with Street children

    Build Schools and Clinics

    Teach agriculture, carpentry and literacy

    Environmental Projects

    Prevent Spreading of HIV/AIDS

    4-6 months training in Denmark, Norway, England, USA, China, India or South Africa

    Boarding exp. Start 1.2 & 1.4 & 1.10 & 1.11

    Travelling Folk High School
    Phone: 0045 64813215 e-mail:

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    i read your messege, are you still searching for a volunteer? i'm a lecturer in india and would like to extend my services to your country, tell me more about your requirements.


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      Internship opportunities

      I would like to know more about internship opportunities in South Africa. I am a political science in Canada and planing on getting a master's degree in social work. I would love to be able to work in South Africa; in the arena of the social sciences. If anyone can tell me sites that I should check out as far as internship opportunities in regards to youth or women; human rights etc..., things of that nature, please let me know. I am very interested. I am a native of west Africa ( Mali), and I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who wants to help me. My email is, Thank you.


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        Need Africa volunteer programs allows you to reach out to the challenged communities and make a difference while experiencing an adventure holiday of a lifetime Please contact Exit Poverty