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Mugabe is Right!

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    And I'll bet my bottom dollar that he chooses to believe as the truth that which supports his racist concepts rather than a report published by a team represented by thirteen independent and unbiased nations.


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      Mugabe If Definitely Right

      After a 100+ years of Living like Kings, 6 Housemaids for a 3 member family, 250 Farm workers (Cheap), 7 Dogs 1 for the madam to be licking her over-oiled item, 1 for the the down-syndromed son and 5 to chase the black keffurs away, a white man would do anything to continue to live that life. Well, not the Zimbabwean people. I really don't care how its done or how violent it is because I have live don a whiteman's farm since I was born. He used to see me walk 11 Km to the nearest school build by Mugabe. He used to think that we were never gonna amount to anything but we were just our fathers' assurances for future labourers. Well, that same man is in working 6am to 8pm in a call centre and I am his boss here in Europe.

      We might be meak or dosile, but we are not dum and stupid. We know where we come from, the only problem, we were not the first to develop the gun but your guns cannot stop our blood to boil to retain whats rightfully ours.


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        South Africa is a "Watch the Space" nation right now .... do not say I did not warn you.


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          Mugabe is right?

          Powerful words my friend, powerful words! But words can be used to heal, or to destroy. Which are yours?
          I will be the first to agree with you, the white man took advantage of the native people of Zimbabwe, just as the whites did in America, and in Australia, and in any other colonial country, and it is to our shame.
          I am going to say something now that I have thought about many times in the past, and I’m not saying it as a joke, or to get a cheap laugh out of it. I have reasoned that the white man should never have set foot in Africa, at least not with the idea of taming it. Africa never has been, and never will be tamed. Africa would then have remained the ‘Dark Continent’, avoided at all cost by the rest of the world. Surely then the many evils of the white man would never have contaminated the populace of this huge piece of land, evils such as education, medicine, electricity, telecommunications, transport, and so many more. One real evil I can think of was actually mentioned by you GudoGuru, you wrote that you were not the first to develop guns. You have nailed it there my friend, we invented the gun, but let me tell you something, the people of Africa are the ones who have used the gun to it’s full potential. Every country in Africa spends more on weaponry than it does on the welfare of its people. Every country in Africa has thousands more soldiers than health workers, municipal workers, and educators put together. Every country in Africa plans for war instead of prosperity. Who do they plan to go to war against? Is it the white man? No, it’s their own black neighbours.
          GudoGuru, you say that you ‘don’t really care how it’s done or how violent it is’. Surely you cannot mean that! If you do mean what you say then you agree with the following: Mugabe must stay in power, and to do so he must intimidate and kill his own black people so that the survivors have no option but to vote him into power. Do you not know that it is the black people in Zimbabwe who are suffering? Have you not heard of the thousands of black people who have been killed by Mugabe’s thugs? Do you realize that the whites that have died at the hands of Mugabe and his followers are but a drop in the ocean against the blacks that have been killed? Have you ever wondered why thousands of black people are illegally crossing the borders daily into South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique just to escape Zimbabwe?
          No GudoGuru, right at this moment in time the threat in Zimbabwe is not from the couple of hundred white farmers who are still on their farms. They cannot make a difference, for good or for bad, even if they wanted to. The problem lies with Mugabe. The Zimbabwean people are some of the most beautiful, caring people in Africa, and why they are saddled with a dictator like Mugabe, nobody knows, they deserve so much better. The people of Zimbabwe are characteristically hard working and conscientious, they are good people, and one would think that after twenty seven years they would be a model nation in Africa, but alas, at the moment they are downtrodden, they are slaves to a tyrant, and one can only hope that sense prevails in the future and that Mugabe will be removed from power.
          You wrote of the white man, “He used to think that we were never gonna amount to anything but we were just our fathers' assurances for future labourers.” That may actually be true, but that is history. However, in the here and now what you say actually goes for Mugabe, he: ‘knows that you were never gonna amount to anything but you were just his assurances for future labourers, and voters.’
          Tell me GudoGuru, why are you in Europe? Why did you leave Zimbabwe? Did you fear the white man in Zimbabwe? Did you fear the white farmers might take your house? Why did you not stay there and make a difference?
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            Wow I initially read GudoGudu's post as if he was being sarcastic and talking about Mugabe living the high life. I guess I was wrong.

            Incidentally, the Chinese invented gunpowder and first put it to use in weapons, even if they didn't look like "modern" guns.


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              Mugabe is right?

              Ches, I'm sorry if that one sentence appeared to be a 'personal attack'. I assure you I never intended it to be.


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                Marketing Strategy For Gun Culture.

                Originally posted by ches View Post
                Wow I initially read GudoGudu's post as if he was being sarcastic and talking about Mugabe living the high life. I guess I was wrong.

                Incidentally, the Chinese invented gunpowder and first put it to use in weapons, even if they didn't look like "modern" guns.
                Hi folks,

                Sometimes surplus is a PROBLEM. We must produce what is required to sustain an average citizen. We must not venture into producing or manufacturing"GUNS" AND "CONDOMS" in large scale and regret later on to push the same to other world markets.


                The chinese stopped pondering over gun powder and guns ,but we continue to use its advantage over our own fellow human being.

                Let there be peace and tranquility.

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                  Tiger tiger burning bright...

                  Tiger, two very simple and telling questions:

                  1. Which country do you live in?
                  2. When last did you physically visit Zimbabwe or speak to a Zimbabwean regardless of their race?

                  burn, burn, burn and all that remains is dust...

                  Suzie Q - South African. Last visit to Zim- December/January 2006. Currently dating a Zimbabwean.


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                    Suzie, thank God, Tiger is long gone from this forum. He was an American troll whom I doubt ever set foot in Africa.


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                      If this tiger oke was researching instead of flaming he would have known what the english were doing to rectify this matter.


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                        It's amazing how an old post that was started in 2002 still continue. As Ches mentioned, Tiger is long gone and I for one does not regret it. All said I wonder what his view will be on the current economical position of Zim. Most probably he'll blame the whites.

                        USED TO BE PROUD TO BE SOUTH AFRICAN


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                          Tiger32;10279]Mugabe is Right, Whites Must Give Up the Land!
                          by Koigi Wamwere

                          The British government admits that at the time of independence it made a promise which it never kept, to provide the money necessary to buy out the white farmers. Now it claims that the reason for its failure to keep its own promise is Mugabe's mismanagement of Zimbabwean economy. But the real reason is the British desire that the Zimbabwean and African economies be controlled by British companies and British citizens. What then must Africans do? Starve to death until the British agree to keep their promises?
                          I wonder how will this kind of agreement would sound like:

                          "Hi Mugabe, if you can provide the British with economic control, we will provide you with all the white owned farms using compensation policies "

                          With Mugabe in default..

                          "Hi Mugabe, we aready provided you with the white farms, but since you failed to give us economic control, we suffered severe losses and can not pay the promised compensation"

                          Mugabe's reply...

                          "Hi British, since the farmers is gone, there is neither food nor economy. So pay the compensation and forget the control"