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does apartheid still exist in south africa

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    Re: beleave me it does

    Originally posted by mluuu
    as long as there are these white people who lock their does when they see a black guy standing by the traffic lights i beleave it's there,as long as a black man followed around when he goes in to a shop in the white suburbs, it's still there, as long as cops stop and question a black man who is walking at night in a white suburb i thinks it is still there and very rife in south africa
    mluu, what you're describing as 'apartheid' is much better described as 'common sense.' It is no secret that young black males commit the overwhelming majority of crime in South Africa (and in any other area where they happen to be found in statistically significant numbers, for instance the United States. Even other blacks, who are intelligent and rich enough, prefer to live in white suburbs, and take simmilar precautions to what you described above.


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      The question put to white voters on March 17th, 1992 was: "Do you support the continuation of the reform process, which the state president began on the second of February 1990, and which is aimed at a new constitution through negotiation?" -- see

      Still, the original question on this forum was "does apartheid still exist" and the answer is no. Apartheid was the set of laws enacted by Minister of Bantu Affairs, then Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoed, and perpetuated by every National Party government until 1991.

      The situation on the ground has not improved for many South Africans, and has worsened for many other South Africans. Some choose to blame the new government, others realise that you cannot reverse a legacy of non-investment in a decade.

      It is perfectly understandable how many can be impatient and many more dissatisfied. However, everybody gets to speak with their vote, and nearly 70% are happy with the new government.