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  • You're just being Racist?!

    This is an email doing the rounds -- well worth the read!

    I am a racist

    23 May 2012, 07:06

    A South African artist called Brett Murray has been causing a huge stir since his painting of South Africa's president titled The Spear was put up in a local gallery. The ANC have worked themselves up into a total frothy about the painting and their biggest issue with it - It's racist. ???????

    Disrespectful, maybe. Rude, maybe. But racist???

    That little word that has become the political whip with which the ANC work the masses up into angry mobs and riots anytime something happens that they don't like. And it's becoming really really tiring.

    In South Africa, the word racist has lost it's original meaning and now only get's used to describe a white person doing something a black person do esn't like. You never hear it used in any other context. You can't say to a black CEO that he is racist because he won't hire white people, no - he's just making sure that only blacks get hired because of BEE. You can't call a university racist because they won't accept an application from a white student with straight A's for 8 subjects - instead taking on a black student who barely passed matric. Nope, they're not racist, they're just correcting the wrongs of the past. But god forbid you do hire the white person or you do admit the white student, you'll be branded racist by the government quicker that you can say "colour shouldn't be the issue here" because how dare you choose a white person over a black person in a democratic South Africa.

    Most of the time when you are a white person and you call your fellow countrymen to be held accountable for their unacceptable words and actions su ch as corruption, nepotism, fraud, theft, you'll be branded a racist.

    Today, I shouted at a taxi driver who pushed in-front of me nearly driving me into the curb with no regard for the fact that I have a child in the car
    - I must be a racist, because only racists care about road safety it would seem.

    I complained to the manager of my bank because the woman handling my account is so incompetent and hasn't responded to one email or message I've left her for over 2 months! Nevermind that my account is about to be shut down because of FICA. I must be a racist then because only racists expect service from a bank and stupidly think an organisation is going to actually do the job they promise to do in all their marketing material.

    The other day my husband confronted a woman outside a shopping centre after she carelessly threw her fast food packet on the floor less than 10cm from a dustbin. Her response - "yo u're just a racist". Yes, you're absolutely right, because only racists care about keeping their city clean and litter free.

    I fired a lady who worked for me once because I caught her rummaging through one of my cupboards and she had taken my passport and other belongings which I found in her bag. Her only response - "you're a racist". Yes, yes I am.
    Because only racists think that stealing is a criminal offense and is done by people with no morals or conscience.

    I swear being a white person in this country can be very bloody exasperating at times. The ANC has brainwashed the masses with this little word - racist
    - to the point that it's actually completely lost its meaning and now get's used totally out of context. Most days I just let it pass and I don't go into effect of it. But today is not one of those days. Today I'm angry and today I'm sick and tired of it.

    I'm not shouting at you because you're black, I'm shouting because you're a maniac on the roads who is a danger to society.

    I'm not complaining to your manager because you're black. I'm complaining because you're an incompetent moron who is incapable of doing her job properly.

    I'm not firing you because you're black. I'm firing you because you're a thief.

    I'm not confronting you because your black, I'm shouting at you because you're a messy pig who expects other people to clean up your mess.

    Please get over yourselves and move out the way of the remarkably amazing black people who DO take total responsibility and who actually want this country to work for ALL the people who live in it.

    If being a racist in this country means that I will stand up for my rights, fight for what is fair and true and hold everyone around me accounta ble for their words and actions, then I am a racist through and through. If being a racist means that I believe in freedom of speech and expression and that everyone's point of view is relevant, no matter what colour, age or sex, then I will proudly announce to all who can hear that I am a racist. If being a racist means that I believe we should all be treated with the same rules and consequences and that no-one, especially not the President, is above the law and exempt from criminal prosecution when that law has been broken, then print me a t-shirt saying "I am a racist" and I will wear it in the streets. If being a racist means that I will not stand idly by while the few, corrupt pigs in the ANC rape this country for everything they can get with no regard for the poor and the homeless and the uneducated, then I'll get I'm a racist tattooed on my back.

    Mr Zuma and the ANC - you need to get a different vocabulary. Instead of sho uting at someone like Brett Murray about a painting being offensive, maybe you should be asking yourselves why he painted it in the first place.
    Instead of wanting to take Zapiro to court every time he depicts the president & his shower head in one of his cartoons, why don't you stop to realise that there is truth in everything he draws and that your angry responses are really due to the fact that he keeps hitting a nerve that's a little too close to home.

    Maybe, Mr Zuma, it's time to take a long, hard look in the mirror. If you were honest with yourself you'd see that people actually have very little respect for you because you have lied and cheated your way through your Presidency. You have been involved with more seedy, corrupt criminals than Horatio Cane and you have abused funds for personal gain. You have raped, lied, stolen, protected evil men and weezled your way out of prosecution and you wonder why people continue to take the piss out of you in the media and treat you with utter contempt. Even the great Oliver Tambo's daughter doesn't think much of you based on what she had to say about the painiting:
    "He should inspire the reverence he craves. This portrait is what he inspired"

    You Mr Zuma and your ANC are a bunch of CANTS!

    CAN'T let go of the past
    CAN'T operate in your life without breaking the rules CAN'T find your integrity with a map and a flashlight and a tour guide (unless you pay them off).
    CAN'T treat women with any kind of respect CAN'T obey the laws of this country CAN'T stop operating from a place of revenge and hate for what's happened in the past CAN'T find a way forward with no agenda or payoff CAN'T stop putting family members in government positions for which they are not qualified CAN'T stop the out of control corruption th at is rife throughout every government department CAN'T stop getting involved in shady, underhanded deals CAN'T seem to get the education right in this country CAN'T say goodbye of Affirmative Action and BEE which is ruining businesses across this land

    But what do I know?

    I'm just a white girl talking about a black man.

    I must be a racist
    Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose' ...

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    Am very new to this forum, I have looked around and found that your writting is mostly true but we may not disagree on some issues like your husband shouting at another person whom he doesn't know or never seen.
    In the world we are staying, we stay with people who are careful, careless, smart, shabby, hard worker, lazy etc regardless either white or black. I think this not playing Mr.right but even in America you will find black people complaining, Uk the same thing. I compare Mr. Zuma's painting and the innocence of Islam video that led to death of American ambassador in Libya. Too much freedom has its disadvantages and if we are to go on with it, we must accept that but am scared that the time will come when that freedom is reduced almost to meaning less because even we as people we don't know the limit of our freedom, we don't know if the actions we do while exercising our freedom can lead to no freedom.
    I think racist word is no longer meaning the same meaning as the word sounds but a political word used by black polticians to play on the minds of black people, they fear that if black people forget that word soon their political career will come to end. Now like DA seems to be gaining momentum in other parts of the country, that is the way they have beeen puting it at bay for that long time. Because there is few incidents where they remaind black people about racists and the past, I think that is why they use any chance they get if involves white person.
    Now that i have seen how black presidents perform, i would like to see how the white one will perform.
    The big fat machine


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      I supouse I m racist to..
      You cant hire a nonskilled worker just becose is under BEE.
      This is not racism,it is stupid.