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    I agree with you. Allow me to say, "hand over America to Americans"!
    By the way, what about zionised 9/11 back in 1967 re USS Liberty, Because of that conspiracy Egypt was nuked (almost)? Have a look from old files below!
    Mossad's 9/11 in Egypt,

    Israel 'fabricated' child-bomber story; Media turned up two hours before the incident
    Al Jazeera | March 25 2004

    For more:
    From: "mamubhi" <mamubhi@y...>
    Date: Thu Oct 30, 2003 8:20 pm
    Subject: Come on Americans - expose these criminals Now!

    Further to:

    The vicious nature of the snake called Mossad by the American
    Intelligence Officials, EVEN one day prior to 9/11,

    Sms warning messages received by Israeli companies b4 9/11,

    4000 missing and found Israelis,

    They dance while America burns,

    Mossad's 9/11 in Egypt,

    Israeli spy, 9/11 and twists,

    Why Zio_Nazis need 9/11,

    9/11 and more cover ups,

    A page from another Canadian anti-Semite Professor!? and

    What Really Happened!

    Please examine the following:

    Just think about this! It was not the US President or even the
    Secretary of Defense who authorised the NUCLEAR strike on Egypt but a
    US naval officer attached to the sixth fleet stationed in Greece!
    Read on:

    1. Israeli hawks managed to start a war with Egypt back in 1967
    because they knew that they had the upper hand.

    2. During that war American money and weapons were supporting

    3. An American reconnaissance team was also stationed in Israel.

    4. At that time the Egyptian air force was virtually out of
    action due to Israeli attack.

    5. Israel was the only country in the region who had the
    understanding and the capability to take out such a American
    communication system as the one on the USS Liberty.

    6. Three unmarked Israeli planes bombed The Liberty despite just
    prior to commencement of hostilities the Israeli pilots could see the
    American sailors relaxing on the deck of the ship.

    7. After the bombing the Israeli navy torpedoed the USS Liberty-
    not a mistake as they claimed.

    8. The captain of the Liberty ordered evacuation, all the while an
    Israeli patrol boat was firing on the life rafts. Surely, that was
    not a mistake!

    But, why and who ordered NUCLEAR STRIKE against Egypt on that time
    because of the USS Liberty bombing or any other reason(s)!?!?

    9. When Robert McNamara, the US Defense Secretary found out about
    the nuclear strike, he ordered the pilot, already sent to nuke Cairo-
    to return to base.

    10. A high ranking visitor (Admiral …........) arrived at the
    damaged Liberty with a predetermined agenda.

    11. All personals were threatened court - martial if they ever
    opened their mouths EVER!

    12. Cover up continued and Lyndon B Johnson was mislead (all the

    13. After a long time, the captain of the Liberty was awarded the
    highest honour in the US navy- which is usually presented by the
    President but in this case it was done in an unknown dock by another

    14. Two years before his death, the captain divulged what he knew.

    15. Now, the remaining USS Liberty sailors alive are looking for

    Please note, the BBC was forbidden to screen the documentary 3 times
    by the Zionists inside and out the British broadcasting establishment
    which finally BBC relented screening an extensively edited version of
    the documentary. However, some how, the Australian SBS TV screened the documentary on the (date ……….. )
    in their (name of the program ………………).

    Now, in light of all of the above should we be asking serious
    questions about the 9/11 and look for actual answers to issues
    central and peripheral to that event!

    From: rolo tamazi <rtamazi@y...>
    Date: Wed Mar 31, 2004 4:17 am
    Subject: Woes of Sharon

    By: Ted Lang
    Published in the March 24, 2004 issue of Ether Zone.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that Islamic terrorists targeted US
    on 9-11 in retaliation for our financial, military and political
    support of Israel. Instead of proceeding against the suspected
    terrorists with maximum force and strike capability directed at al-
    Qaeda forces in their hideouts and caves in Afghanistan, we allowed
    the likes of Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and other
    Zionists to trick US into unjustly turning America's vengeance on

    Zionists control the news and information channels in America. And
    these controlled communication sources have aided and abetted
    President George W. Bush's obsession to destroy Saddam and Iraq,
    mainly because Iraq posed a threat to Israel as opposed to making US
    safer or acting simply in retaliation. Saddam's Iraq was a
    fundamentalist, socialist dictatorship, and not an Islamic faction.
    Our actions in Iraq have now unified the Arab world against both
    Israel and the United States. And the chief instigator in terms of
    fomenting this hatred and its deadly belligerence is Israeli Prime
    Minister, Ariel Sharon.

    The political murder of Hamas spiritual leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin was
    personally orchestrated and ordered by Prime Minister Sharon. In
    addition to being a vile assassination, it is easily classifiable as
    a "war crime" as well because of the instability of the region and
    the propensity for such an act to result in all-out war. This is what
    motivated Sharon. In addition to being the act of a total madman, an
    act viewed by the entire world as vile, provocative and totally
    reckless, the real motive for this act of highly visible brutality of
    international magnitude was designed by this madman to further
    involve the people of the United States in this horrendous crime.

    Members of President Bush's secret PNAC cabal of neoconservative
    warmongers have always touted "opportunity" with respect to
    channeling public opinion to a cause. PNACers did this to falsely
    bring down Saddam and Iraq. There is no question that seizing upon an
    unfortunate and horrible setback should always be viewed in terms of
    using whatever can be salvaged to some advantage. Now is the
    opportunity for true American patriots to do this. By turning our
    anger towards Israel and Sharon for trying to implicate US in this
    heinous crime, and for striving to start World War III, America
    should now join the entire world in condemning this despicable act
    and seeing it for what it actually is.

    The UN views this act as dangerous and war provoking. What nation on
    Earth has broken and violated more UN resolutions than Israel, the
    very nation to which the UN gave life? When President Bush ignored
    the UN and proceeded militarily against Iraq, the UN and the entire
    world turned its back on US and Great Britain. When WMD were not
    found, after the UN offered to continue to search for them, we
    ignored them, and we have since been proven to be liars and
    warmongers. This act by Sharon will add to that unfavorable scenario,
    unless someone in Washington recognizes this golden opportunity to
    condemn Sharon and block Zionism's reckless manipulation of US to
    motivate our leadership to sacrifice our promising youth and future
    to glorify this madman and his nation of imperialists.

    This opportunity isn't just a run-of-the-mill average foreign policy
    salient. It is a life-saving posture that may save America from the
    possible nuclear terrorism and conflagration soon to happen. Our
    beautiful nation of freedom faces destruction economically via job-
    outsourcing, and freedom-destruction by an unbelievable wave of
    terrorism Sharon has now ensured for the people of the United States.
    Islamic factions have already promised this.

    President George W. Bush, it is argued by neoconservative David Frum,
    is the "right man," but thus far, has made all the wrong moves.
    Here's an opportunity to take a really negative situation, and turn
    it around, even if he was party to the assassination in terms of
    approving it. Remember Bush I's double-cross of Saddam in giving him
    the green light to invade Kuwait, and then changing US policy to
    condemn him; now's the time to do the same to Sharon.

    Think of the benefits for Bush and US. Terrorism as a normal
    occurrence on our soil can be prevented. Wars, or at least our
    involvement, could be averted. It is a golden opportunity to
    disconnect from the Israeli troublemakers as well as to distance US
    from both PNAC and neoconservative warmongers. Tax dollars can be
    saved. Perhaps, President George Bush might get re-elected. How about
    a new campaign slogan: Peace in our time?

    Who is Terrorist?

    Who is Terrorist? Israel ? Zionised and successive USA
    Administration? Or a wheel chair bound clergy? Which one is the most
    dangerous country? Iran! Iraq! Israel! USA!
    Who is adding accelerant in the fire? Zionised media or Zionist
    slaves around the world!?

    You are the judge. Please examine links below and opine away.
    Nazi Israeli Holocaust in Palestine

    Camp David hoax! Zionised media failed to inform you before and even

    Ehud Barak's offer make Hitler the Grand Rabi of Jerusalem

    Road map of Peace is not going anywhere! Who is guilty ?
    and look for "road map for peace

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    LOL Mad Faruque so this is where you went after we laughed you off of

    Looks like you're just as popular here as you were there



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      He's getting one hell of a kick out of posting pages and pages on end. Most of the time his postings are so long that nobody makes an effort to read it to the end.




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        lol actually I always found his mad ravings quite entertaining.

        It was particularly funny watching him posting on a predominantly Muslim forum, hoping to spread his hatred - and then seeing all the Muslim Turkish members laughing at him