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Getting involved in the African Rennaissance

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  • Getting involved in the African Rennaissance

    We are told that we are at the dawn of a new era in the history of the African continent. Initiatives are afoot to get African leaders and their benefactors in the developed world to buy into the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD). As a political activist who fought against the oppressive Apartheid government in South Africa not so long ago, I find myself at a threshhold where I need to decide on what type of involvement I will have in this new regeneration process. My inability to commit myself, as an African, to this new fight stems out of my lack of knoledge about the culture and heritage of the different African nations. I geguinely wish to play a role in what I understand to be the African Rennaissance, but where do I fit in, where do I start? I would like to get ideas from the the community as to what they feel they are contributing to Africa's development. Whether it be at an individual level or even if there are organised groups that would like to inform the world about their programmes in Africa.

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    Originally posted by patriot
    I geguinely wish to play a role in what I understand to be the African Rennaissance, but where do I fit in, where do I start?
    Are you a South-African citizen? I'm guessing you aren't American becuase you spelt it "programmes".
    I'm not doing a whole bunch to help my country at the moment, since I am living in the States. Hopefully with the good education I am receiving here I will be able to return at some point and make a positive contribution to our society.

    From this article in the Business day it seems that all they really want from the population in RSA is money.,00.html


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      This is interesting aswell.

      It is time the African National Congress clarifies the real nature of its relationship with Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF, the Democratic Alliance's acting leader, Douglas Gibson, said in a statement on Sunday.

      He was reacting to newspaper reports that ANC officials led by President Thabo Mbeki had met with leading Zanu-PF officials at the ANC's Johannesburg headquarters to forge closer political ties.
      The ANC should tell South Africans how it was possible to have such a relationship with a government that:

      had been criticised by an AU report for undemocratic practices and human rights abuses;

      was carrying out what Zimbabwe's opposition described as "ethnic cleansing";

      had destroyed the rule of law in Zimbabwe;

      had introduced detention without trial; and

      had closed down Zimbabwe's independent media and stopped the foreign media from operating.
      (by the way, Tiger and Nubainman, AU stands for African Union)

      The ANC was undermining the New Partnership for Africa's Development and destroying South Africa's reputation as a bastion of human rights by surreptitiously supporting Mugabe and his government and applauding their unacceptable conduct, said Gibson.


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