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Portable digital planetarium, inflatable dome - new business opportunity

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  • Portable digital planetarium, inflatable dome - new business opportunity

    Portable digital planetarium inflatable dome

    Production of the dome, the projection system

    Your own ready-made business
    Advanced Sensory Education

    А base set includes:

    1 . Two-layer dome with a special projective material of white or light gray color (modification with changeable height is possible)

    Diameter: 5 m, height: 3,3 m
    Weight: 20 kg, protection against light: 100%, time of inflant: 5 minutes

    Parameters of a dome depend on inquiries of the client.

    The supercharger of air for a dome with possibility of change of speed
    Covering cloth under a dome and the special material which is carrying out function of school mats.

    2 . Projector system:
    • Full hd 1920*1080
    • Spherical mirror with an external dusting
    in a convenient box
    Light stream 3000th lumen
    Lamp service life - 5000 hours
    • The digital Full HD player with connecting cables - reproduces all known formats of video
    • Speaker system
    Parameters of system allow to reproduce effectively a sound indoors with a large number of people.

    3. Set from best fulldome shows of world level for all age groups of children

    4. Advertizing materials for successful presentation in educational institutions

    5. After-sale maintenance of the project, regular updating of a film library, consultation.

    On all set the guarantee extends.
    Your own ready business without additional investments, payback of 2 months! ! !

    Victoria (ASE)
    +380 63 397 1999
    +380 98 838 8948
    Skype: viki.niki8
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