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    The parents of a girl told her:
    - When you got to that kind boy's home, you can do have fun, but, when he tries to climb upon you, do not accept! Do not bring dishonour to our family! It is too early for such...
    Okay - She answered.
    After returning home that night, the parents asked:
    - So, our dear daughter, did you follow our advice?! Did you reject to do anything further when he tried to go upon you?! If, he tried... ?!?
    And she answered:
    - Yes, i instantly stopped him from going upon me. So, i decided i should have been the one going upon him. I'm the one who was on top and went upon him, so i guess his family is the one dishonored now...

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    Being open to children is good, but at what age can a girl be fooled like this anyway? funny tho!