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Reasons for Leaving South Africa

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  • Reasons for Leaving South Africa

    Hello Everyone

    I am an ex-South African Living in UK. I have recently published a book " Hidden Shame-Tears Within" and also have my website: The Queen's Note - Please stop by , it would be great to hear from other South Africans..
    I left my beautiful country because of being held at home in an armed , robbed and raped by four men. After writing the book my family still shuns me for bringing shame. I am an Indian and tired of being silenced and feeling shameful about talking about rape and mental health. I read the papers everyday about South Africa and as much as I want to return in the future, I feel a stranger as I have no-one in the family who is talking to me, so what would be the purpose of returning as the crime rate is still very high and rapes are tripled since I left there.