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Earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!

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  • Earthquake!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!!!

    Hello South African people and fans of South Africa!

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the latest EENDAG episode we have recently uploaded. It features the forerunnner of an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!!! that will come in the next episode.

    You can meanwhile visit it here: Eendag 4: EERS BRANDE, NOU AARDBEWINGS?

    EENDAG is a nostalgiclike series I decided to produce after I realised that the golden days of television, which was the 70's, 80's and early 90's, with its Afrikaans dubbed shows from all cultures across the world, now only exists on the few VHS tapes I have, with not much likelyhood of the SABC ever broadcasting them all again. Least of all in Afrikaans.

    So I wondered how I could get new material. And the answer came to me: I have to MAKE new material.

    It must be dubbed in Afrikaans to have that characteristic crispy clear studio sound, it must have time travel, it must have human helping robots, it must have space later on, it must have a guy and his dog, it must be a drama happening over a long period of time, it must have good characters and a good storyline that can carry the story by the story and not just by 3D computer animation.

    So, I got my limited means together and wham! There it is: EENDAG.

    If you haven't watched the first episode yet, start with this one: EENDAG 1: Robothulp vir almal and move down the menu on the bottom right.

    NEW EPISODES uploaded as they are complete.

    Bookmark and Facebook Like and Tweet EENDAG today! I beg you.