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  • How to post a pic

    Would anyone be so kind as to give us, lesser mortals a step-by-step guide on how to post photos and pictures. I've got some great ones to share, but no idea how to post 'em.
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    Ok, here goes.

    First of all the photo that you would like us to see needs to be somewhere on the internet. A great site to use for downloading and storage of your pics is

    Once your photo is downloaded on this site (you have your personal page) you use the link that they provide.
    Look for the link starting and ending with IMG.

    If you still struggle give a shout.




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      pic posting 101

      Assuming you have NO idea whatsoever

      1. choose pic you like
      2. right click on pic - a little menu opens, click on properties
      3. a new little window opens, look for and the copy the address (URL of pic)
      4. come back to this site, type up your message, and where you'd like to put the pic, paste the pictures' address
      5. you MUST enclose the pic's addy in image brackets.
      (IMAGE BRACKETS: (img)(/img) - but, make those brackets the square ones. So, [img] and similar thing at the end of you pasted URL, with the / in front of it.
      If you just paste in the URL, this is what will happen:

      So you could click on the link, but no image in your post. If you enclose that same URL in image brackets you get:

      What is usefull for is when you encounter a site that won't let you link. You go through the usual steps, but in your photobucket account (which is free and very reliable, I've used them for nearly a year) you'll see a place to upload a picture from URL. You can also upload stuff you have saved on your computer, like mail attachments. At the bottom of each pic you upload onto photobucket it will give you the URL allready in image brackets, so you just have to copy and paste it onto here.

      Like so:

      When you encounter a website that won't let you link your picture will show up as a little red cross in an empty square where your image should be.

      Now you can practice. Read through the steps I explained, and practice with any of the pictures in my post.
      Then I'll grade you and give you a golden star if you get it right. OK?
      If anything is unclear, tell me and I'll try to clarify.


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        Great tips for posting, thank you very much!
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