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  • Pictures I like.

    I like old pictures. I don't even care who they or of. I just like the way they look. Here are some:

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    Baie mooi...

    Ek hou daarvan fotos(lekker ding).Ek dink baie mense hou nog nie meer van ou goetsies nie.Ek het`n klompie by my huis en ek sal hulle saam bring as ek kan kans kry om by Suid Afrika te kuier. My Afrikaans is nie meer as goed as ek was by die huis so verskoon my.Totsiens


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      Prins-Afrika, jou Afrikaans is piekfyn! Selfs as was daar 'n paar foutjies beteken dit baie vir my dat jy die moeite gedoen het om in Afrikaans vir my te tik.

      Jy's Sotho, nê? Unfortunately I don't know any Sotho, or else I would have tried to reply to you in it.

      Howsit going with your studies? Are you also having cold weather in San Antonia suddenly? It's been raining cats and dogs here in Austin for the last week, and weirdly, today it is sunny and friggin 14C!! It's nearly a 10C drop from what it was yesterday afternoon.


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        Smooth thinking & soften choice

        your are thinking smooth and soft choices,
        before few years here in pak sombody create trend of photo without colors. That was no longer but that was good......
        anyway nice pictures