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Can anyone please identify this place (1976)?

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  • Can anyone please identify this place (1976)?

    I took this photo in 1974. I can't remember whether it was on the Garden Route towards Capetown or on the drive back to Jo'burg from Capetown. My instinct is the former. But it could also have been a year earlier on the road from Jo'burg to Beit Bridge. The negative has been separated from the remainder so I can't place it exactly.

    I've tried scanning the negative at high resolution to make out the street name (you won't be able to do this with the attached low res image) and we think it says Bennett Street. The cars in the foreground have TJ plates - if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry - can't help you with the photograph...

    But TJ was the number plate for Johannesburg back then. (Transvaal Johannesburg)

    Each municipality had their own letters and the registration included a letter for the province. We used to have great fun as kids identifying where cars came from when travelling long distance. The AA had a printed list of registration letters they handed out.
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      Thanks for your reply.

      Yeah - I did know that stuff which made me wonder whether I had taken the picture going north towards Joburg from Capetown.

      The sun's position would have helped - but my sense tells me it was going west alomng the Garden Route in the East Cape.


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        I dnt know

        i do not know where that was but it looks like a developing african country today!


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          Couldn't see any picture and therefore cant help you out too.