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New Zealander looking to learn Afrikaans and learn about South African culture.

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  • New Zealander looking to learn Afrikaans and learn about South African culture.


    I am a 24 year old from New Zealand. I was wondering if anyone would like to be a penpal/skype with me?

    I am interested in learning Afrikaans and a little bit of Swahili. I suspect that Swahili would be much harder for me though, so I am going to focus on Afrikaans in the meantime.

    I am interested in law, science, and culture.

    I am very interested in South African politics because the South African Constitution is the most progressive in the world - that I have seen. I have actually read about a third of it. I like it but am curious if people feel the effects of it in their daily life.

    I am also interested to know what it is like to live in South Africa, I hear that some places can be really dangerous.

    I am also a big fan of Kurt Darren's music - although I don't understand all the words.


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    How do you do PretoriaCape!

    I can speak Afrikaans to you on here if you'd like. Can we switch right over or is that still in the future?

    Do you have a goal with learning Afrikaans or do you just want to keep your brain sharp?

    Personally I think it's the best, most expressive language in the world, but I suppose I would since it's my own language


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      Dankie vir u antwoord!

      Ek is praat Afrikaans vir 1 maand leer. Ek is "still" leer "grammer".

      That is suppose to say:

      "Thank you for your reply.

      I have been learning to speak Afrikaans for one month. I am still learning the grammar."

      I understand that there is a verb order, and that verbs often go to the end of the sentence if there is more than one verb. I am still learning about all the different types of verbs so am unable to master their use at this time.

      I put "leer" (learning) at the end of the second sentence, because I also used the verb "praat" (to speak).

      All of this was done through memory which is why I have the two words "still" and "grammar" in quotation marks - I do not know the Afrikaans equivalent.

      I am very interested in the South African constitution. For many years I have been reading judgements from your courts (not obsessively though).

      More recently, I decided that I should make an attempt to learn about South Africa from the "ground" level. Part of that goal is to learn the Afrikaans language. Regrettably, the Zulu language does not hold my interest enough to motivate me to learn it. There are few learning materials for Xhosa, and while learning a few phrases with some "clicks" in, would be fun, I don't have the motivation for that either. Ultimately I would like to learn these languages because they are "a part of South Africa". Unfortunately I just don't find them particularly interesting (besides the clicks).

      Most of my interest in South Africa stems from the constitution, and (more recently) how the constitution stacks up against reality.

      Do you have Skype?


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        That was very good! Keep practising and soon you can amaze the world with your fluent Afrikaans tongue

        At the risk of sounding like your teacher, you may consider these translations too:

        "Ek leer nou al vir 'n maand lank Afrikaans praat. Ek bestudeer nog die taalvorm / grammatika / taalkunde / spraakkuns van Afrikaans."

        Het jy 'n leerplan of hoe het jy gemaak om daardie sinne te kan skryf?

        Watse werk doen jy?


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          Dankie vir u antwoort,

          I had to use google translate to figure out what this question was asking:

          Het jy 'n leerplan of hoe het jy gemaak om daardie sinne te kan skryf?
          Ek leer woorde van Kurt Darren "songs". Ek leer "pronouns" van die "site":

 Home : Afrikaans

          I can guess at what this sentence means:
          Watse werk doen jy?
          "What work do you do?"

          Ek is "unemployed" op die "moment". Ek was a student at University (and had a job too). I left my job recently to move.

          I am looking for a job anywhere - but ultimately intend to end up working at a hospital Medical lab. At the moment I just want some more income though.

          "Ek leer nou al vir 'n maand lank Afrikaans praat. Ek bestudeer nog die taalvorm / grammatika / taalkunde / spraakkuns van Afrikaans."
          Dankie vir dis. Op die "moment" ek nie kan "pronounce" die "g" "sound" nie.

          "Thank you for this. At the moment I cannot pronounce the "g" sound".

          Please feel free to teach me as much as you want. Also, if you have Skype it would be good for me to learn how to say "g" in afrikaans. I have heard it several times on youtube and other places, but don't know how to form that sound. It sounds like someone is snorting mid sentence when I hear it.

          To my ears: "Hoe *snort* dit met jou?"


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            Goeiemôre PretoriaCape!

            I don't have any family living far away so I never needed to set up skype, or ever bought a webcam. Perhaps later I might do.

            But to say g is easy:

            1. First, blow air through your throat, like saying hhhhhhhhhh.

            2. While doing so, lift up the very back of your tongue or tighten your throat until you hear the g sound.

            That's it really

            Hoe gaan dit vandag met jou? Het julle lekker weer in Nieu-Seeland?


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              "Ek praat met "g" klink kan. Dankie". Or;

              "Ek kan met "g" klink praat. Dankie"

              I am trying to say "I can say the "g" sound now. Thanks"

              Which one is right?

              I am still have trouble transitioning from a word that has a "g", to the next one. It is very hard to do it quickly.

              Hoe gaan dit vandag met jou?
              Understood this one. Ek slaap mees van die dag. Ek het laat nag die dag "before".

              Het julle lekker weer in Nieu-Seeland?
              I guessed this one meant "How is the weather in New Zealand?". I confirmed it with Google translate.

              Die weer in Nieu-Seeland is goed mees van die tyd. "Down" suid dit kan kry "cold". Ons kry "some humidity" in die Noord.

              Dit is nie "hot as South Africa" nie hier. (It is not as hot as South Africa here). <==== Is this right?

              Is "in" an Afrikaans word?

              It has actually been much less than a month I have been learning. Already I feel like I have picked up a lot.

              Is Afrikaaner "very religious"?


              Edit 1: Hypothetically, if the weather was bad, is: "Die weer is nie lekker nie", grammatically correct? Would an Afrikaaner ever say something like that?

              Edit 2: Have you heard the Michael Jackson song "you are not alone". in Afrikaans, would it be: "Jy is nie alleen nie. Ek is hier met jou"? Here is the song:

              Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone - YouTube
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                Goeiemôre PretoriaCape!

                Ek is bly jy kan nou die "g" klank sê! Kan jy "r" sê?

                Die sneeu op die berge in die suide van Nieu-Seeland is pragtig. Is die Noorde ook so mooi?

                Jy kan sê "Die weer is nie lekker nie"; dis heeltemal reg, en "die weer is goor" hoor ek ook algemeen, veral van mense wat vakansie gaan hou op die strand in die Kaap.

                Baie Afrikaners is godsdienstig, maar dit wissel van plek tot plek en mens tot mens. Dié wat wel godsdienstig is, kan nooit met mekaar saamstem nie. Hulle baklei erg oor beuselagtighede.

                "I am here with you" = "Ek is hier by jou". Or, should you mean that you are not alone because we're here together, you could say "Ek is hier saam met jou". "Saam met" directly translates to "together with".

                Kyk goed na jou gesondheid en slaap genoeg, hoor!


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                  Goeie nag.

                  Dankie vir jou antwoord.

                  Hoe gaan dit met jou?

                  Ja, ek kan die "r" klank sê.

                  Die sneeu is baie pragtig. Ek saamstem. Ek nie sien dit dikwels nie. Die noorde het lekker berge. Byvoorbeeld "Berge Ruapehu". Dit lyk lekker baie.

                  "Kyk goed na jou gesondheid en slaap genoeg, hoor" = Hear you Look good after you sleep?

                  New words for me in this post: Byvoorbeeld, lyk, saamstem.

                  Ek weet "saam" en "stem" reeds. Hulle beteken "together" en "voice/vote".



                  PS, what do most afrikaners say for "goodbye"? How do you say:

                  "I didn't understand that sorry" = "Ek het 'n nie verstaan nie jammer"
                  "Can you say that again please?" "jy kan dat weer se asseblief?"
                  "I don't understand" "Ek nie verstaan nie"


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                    Hallo PretoriaCape!

                    Dit gaan baie goed dankie! Behalwe net daar is beeste wat naby ons huis wei. Die honde raak net nooit gewoond aan hierdie groot diere nie, nou blaf hulle dag in, dag uit sonder om lank op te hou.

                    'n Mens sou dink na 'n paar dae sou die honde moeg wees vir hulle eie stemme, of uitgeput van al die blaf, maar moenie glo nie.

                    Maar vandag is hulle stil. Dis seker hulle sabbat.

                    Laat ek sien watse woorde het jy aangevra....

                    Goodbye = Tot siens!

                    "I didn't understand that sorry" = "Daardie het ek nie verstaan nie, jammer."

                    "Can you say that again please?" = "Hoesê? / Sê weer? / Kan jy dit herhaal asseblief?"

                    "I don't understand" = "Ek verstaan nie"

                    Lekker leer!


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                      Dit goed hoor vir jy weer.

                      I have been trying to find an afrikaans speaker to talk with on skype for so long now. There are more people trying to learn afrikaans online than there are people who speak it.

                      I hope that you might consider getting skype. I really don't know if my spoken Afrikaans is even understandable.

                      It is obsurd, my country is full of people who speak Afrikaans. I just haven't met any.

                      Ek het besig met werk lately. So jammer for nie antwoord nie.

                      Ek really moet werk op mi grammatika.


                      Hope to hoor vir jou gou.