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Stay proud or submit ass-up (so to speak)

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  • Stay proud or submit ass-up (so to speak)

    People between the ages of 16 and 26....

    Tell me what you really think of your life in south africa. I was moved ten years ago and have never been the same since. The dilema i go through at this age of discovery (23) is that i have no real "tribe" to associate with.

    I know it is good to be an individual, but the arguement i have with peole around me is that i never got to know the culture i was raised in, i have the accent, good knowledge of the history, and many memories of my old homeland, to which i hold onto as a kind of "well you've never been here" na na nana na retort to ignorant *******s who i come across at times.

    I do like australia, but its not me, i've had fun here and 5 years ago this feeling started growning inside of me...i want o come home now, thanks for the extended holiday but i'm ready to go.....

    Now i'm on the verge of life, 10 years out of SA and 10 yrs in AUS. What am i, i've never felt Australian because in melbourne to tell you the truth there is no culture, many sub cultures which are really cool and interesting, but i have no history here so it is hard to be understood.

    i can go on and on and probably have left out a lot of stuff but maybe you get the drift.....

    this is not a "what do i do dr ruth?" this is where you tell me about what i've missed in these last ten years (personally if you dare, politics i'm not to fussed about!)


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    south africa

    hey ryan!
    i googled my old Primary School in Joburg (I moved to Australia in 1997) and one of the hits was this site and your comments on trying to contact some of your old school friends. So I'm assuming you went to Bryneven Primary School?