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  • Tips for job seekers

    Looking for a job can be frustrating. The longer one spends searching for the job the more frustrated you become and the less motivated you become. Recruiters can always spot a job seeker that is not motivated. They have a sixth sense about it similar to the same paranormal sense women have when their significant other is cheating on them. Luckily in my attempt to make the job search easier for others I have found solutions for the members.
    Follow these easy steps to regain the motivation you once had:
    •Set up a schedule dedicating some serious time on searching for a new job.
    •Set a time limit on You do not want to be all trigger happy and just apply for every single job that you find. Remember you are not looking for the quantity of jobs but the quality of job. So either set one hour a day on finding a company and developing your application material (company specific cover letter and CV highlighting what qualities the company is searching for) •Keep a record of your applications. Have a description of each company that you applied to as well. You never want to end up in a situation when you are contacted and the first words that come out of your mouth is “What does your company do?” This situation is what some may describe as an EPIC FAIL. As a jobseeker you must keep these records with you at all times.
    These are the tips I have for now. I will see you soon with more tips for the jobseekers out there.

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    I cannot agree more, I will personally recommend subscribing to receive Jobs by email, most Jobsites have such feature these days, with that you not only get Jobs that matches your interest but you also get the Jobs promptly