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White SA,when are you comming home?

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  • White SA,when are you comming home?

    Are they coming back?Those who left the country after election in 1994?All SouthAfrican worldwide,are you coming back home?

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    I think any white South African who has made a life for him/herself elsewhere and starts feeling homesick, should just watch the South African news and watch all the fat and shiny politicians riding the gravy-train.

    They'll soon realise that "home" isn't what it used to be.

    Best stay where you are.
    Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose' ...


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      Yeah..well..Many Europeans are coming to SA not just as tourist..Someday will be much better to come back,rather to invest your time in Europe for example.


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        Originally posted by Foambather
        Some I know just miss their families here. And some don't.

        As for coming back, the answer is a clear resounding no, especially those that live in Australia or New Zealand. Apparently it's a much, much, much better life there once you've settled in. Older ex-South Africans seem to enjoy the quieter North American towns and cities.

        They're not lonely either as Afrikaans clubs, groups and congregations are becoming abundant the world over.

        So I wouldn't hold my breath for their return. I'm afraid the damage the oppressive criminal-minded ANC has done to South Africa is going to be permanent.
        Dont talk that way..the world is still moving on.There s a new chance for evereybody,but Europe is not that kind of continent wright now..

        I know aobut"down under"and quality of life there.I dont want to be blind aobut the things going on in SA,but life is funny thing..
        I know for example that thousand of young,educated and noneducated Portuguese,are interested in moving to Angola or Mozamibik..
        Europe is a boat on dry land wright now..
        So SA,is very good option for come back or first time ever settling in Cape or elsewhere.

        ANC are bunch of criminals..but take very good look about eastern transitional Europe.You may find a similar bunch of people there.


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          You who wronged a simple man
          Bursting into laughter at the crime,
          Do not feel safe;the poet remembers.
          You can kill one,but another is born.
          The words are written down,the deed,the date...


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            White SA,when are you coming home?

            Its actually ironic that South Africans immigrated after 1994 elections, and no, I don't think they would ever come back either, in fact, now is actually the time to immigrate not back then.