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    I am doing an extended essay on HIV/AIDs in South Africa and I would like peoples thoughts on these questions.

    Do you personally think the HIV/AIDs epidemic in South Africa is improving or getting worse?
    *If you would prefer you can rate this from a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

    Do you think the government are doing enough to resolve the problem?
    What major effects is the disease causing? e.g. social, economic, environmental, political, demographic etc.
    Is it an issue that personally effects you or is it more enunciated by the media?
    What is your personal viewpoint on the epidemic?
    What do you think are the major causes/factors that has cause HIV/AIDs to spread?
    Would you say that the idea of HIV and AIDs is a "taboo" subject, if so explain why?
    Is there a lot of fear and discrimination because of HIV and AIDs? How would you personally feel/react if you were in the company of someone who was HIV positive?

    You don't have to answer all these questions I just want to know peoples opinions and viewpoints, these are just questions to think about.

    Thank you very much, response to this would be very helpful.