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Just how dangerous is SA?

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  • Just how dangerous is SA?

    I'm planning on visiting South Africa in two years. It's an anniversary trip. But I've been wondering about the crime rate. I read Beeld every day and from what I've seen there's a bit of a problem with violent crime.
    Is this localized to certain areas? I doubt the government is doing much about it but are most of the tourism businesses using private security? What's the scoop on this?

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    This is a very touchy subject in South Africa.

    It is difficult to be in a social situation without the conversation turning to the crime rate, as everybody has either had a bad experience or has a family member or friend who has had a bad experience.

    The nature of crime here is very violent. It is apparently not enough for the perpetrators to break into homes and take what they want, they feel the need to torture, rape and traumatize people.

    I was robbed by four armed black men and consider myself lucky to have come through it alive. Hundreds of thousands of my fellow South Africans are not as lucky.

    Recent statistics reveal that an average of 67 people die violently/are murdered every single day in this beautiful country of ours, the majority of them in the townships.

    But having said all that... Tourism is booming. This country has much to offer and tourism services are very mindful of the safety of visitors. Your foreign currency can buy you a very enjoyable, first class experience and with due care -- as is the case anywhere in the world -- you can expect a wonderful holiday when visiting South Africa.
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      Thanks. Good to know.