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Africa belongs to Black people

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    For example, some nativeborn South Africans might not know how ghastly things are in the UK. Think of the airports. Heathrow is a nightmare. Security is staffed by sadistic little Hitlers who think they own you. Whereas at Cape Town International, things are a lot different. I went through. The machine went off. The guy came to me, but before he frisked me, said, How are you this morning Sir? This personal touch completely disarmed me, I was in a state because I don't like airports, but he put me at my ease in the way only a black man can. (Yes this sounds racist but I think of the vibes, and there is a vibe that touches you at the deepest level, to calm you and comfort.) It's amazing. I wouldn't go back overseas if you paid me to. This country has the potential to be the greatest showcase of humanity's possibilities in the world.


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      many years back

      It is so shocking to see these types of arguments still after so many years of democracy. Why are people so hung up on race? Are we not all Africans in Africa? Reading the heading of this discussion " Africa belongs to the Black people" must be the statement that is the most against what Nelson Mandela stood for. Common people there has been enough wrongs in the past, let us leave it there and work on the future. If things do wrong let us take responsibility for it and blames everyone else. Since 1994 so much has happen more good than bad.

      Corruption has always been there some are just better at hiding it than others. Crime was there always, we need to stop allowing everyone into the country to come and demand houses work and basic needs. Then our own people will have a place to stay. Criminals should be punished for their wrong doings and not have more rights then the man on the street.

      We have seen these examples a few times now again in the last few months. " I did not mean to kill the children I was under the influence of illegal drugs" or " I did not mean to kill my girl friend I was just paranoid and shoots everything that moves" Really we argue over white and black which by the way is two colours.

      Just a thought........................................


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        Mr Umaari

        How can we confirm that Africa belongs to Black people, where are the black Africans originated who can let me know the parental lineage of Africans and what they are blessed?


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          Mr Umaari

          My daddy and me already discovered the parental lineage of African people which is where the colony has entered and till now they are managing some African countries and black people as well; I would like to give you all in advance how Africans are close brothers here it is:






          HAM delivered the following offspring:

          Egypt Nigeria Koch/Ethiopia Hajara Issa

          Then here we go the offspring of Issa

          ISSA Delivered only one boy called Daud/Sudan

          Then Daud Married two wives

          The old one delivered two boys called

          MUSA AND ALI

          MUSA is considered as Uganda whereby Ali is considered as Tanzania

          The young wife delivered two sons as well called.


          HASSAN is considered as Zimbabwe while Hussein is considered as Kenya

          Please any query regarding the ancestry, ask me, we shall also have a bigger forum:

          Thank you all and the founder

          Omar Ibrahim Mohamed
          Cell: +254 712165070