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Can SA becomes Die Groot Switserse ?

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  • Can SA becomes Die Groot Switserse ?

    Can SA becomes Die Groot Switserse ?

    That is a state, rich, clean, multiethnic. multilingual, but several times bigger ?

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    Originally posted by Foambather
    We could become anything provided we are under Aryan rule.

    My garden looks something like that. It really does.
    Soviets was Aryans, but remain poor.

    The races are not important.

    These are the races. *

    * in Italian the same joke I use

    Race (razza) but also Rajiformes (the fishes) is razza.


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      Originally posted by Foambather
      Soviets weren't Aryans. They were lead by Jews. These Jews were under the instructions of Rothschilds.

      That is why they failed. They were set up to fail to begin with. The important thing for Rothschilds was that the Tsar would be destroyed. They didn't care about the inevitably failiing Communist gibberish that would come in its place.

      Now before you say I see Rothschilds in everything, I'll make a post about history of Rothschilds so you can follow what I'm on about. Maybe you'll see a pattern in history too.

      I'll get on it.

      When I have a headache, the reason is Rothschilds.

      ....... Rotten ****.!!!!!!

      Sorry It is unbelievable, correct bad word,. I kind of magic.

      Queen - A Kind Of Magic - YouTube


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        Originally posted by Foambather
        Oh everything is Rothschilds with you

        An Italian should be about PIZZA!!! Hurrah!!!

        I eat pizza every Sunday evening. It's a traditional South African food.
        Pizza has an Italian origin, but it is international, but there is little thing to do.

        Italy a real a complex nation, best an array of nations, because any region is like a nation.

        Pizza come from Napoli, and Napoli or Neapolis is really a little nation.

        When napoletanians speack their language we dont't understand.

        There are Neapolitan theater, the Neapolitan music. ecc....

        N. was been a capital for several centuries of a Kingdom.

        Sicily or Sicilia is an other nation.

        We travel in Sicilia like travel in a foreign countries.

        Only the administration trust to them.

        Mafia was born in Sicilia, to tell the true is everywhere, but this type of Mafia is a form of family relation versus the Italian state government.

        The union in 1870, forced the Italians to create a homogeneous nation.

        This is happen when south italian migrate in industrialized north and mixed in.

        The southern Italians and the island (Sicily and Sardinia) is remain an other thing,

        Italy until 2WW was a kingdom with an aggressive expansionim, finish also to attack several other nations,

        This happen also before the fascism (1923 march on Rome), Mussolini continue the imperialism of liberal age.

        Liberal age (1870-1923), first imperialism.

        After the 2WW we have lost colonies. and become luckily an America protectorate.

        God bless America and America bless us.