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  • ANC Must Free Mandela ...

    That was one of the comments by a reader to this article ... (what do you think?)

    Twitter outraged by a very un-Madiba moment | News | National | Mail & Guardian
    Footage of the ANC visiting a frail Madiba was broadcast by the SABC to a furious audience that expressed its disdain on Twitter.
    A frail-looking Mandela stared into the distance, while his face looked indifferent to the comrades that surrounded him – a picture quite contradictory to the sentiments expressed by President Jacob Zuma.

    "We had some conversation with him, shook hands, he was smiling," Zuma told the SABC. "He's really up and about, [and] stabilised. We are very happy, we think he is fine."

    The comments and footage sparked fury and outrage on Twitter as it was evident to many viewers that this in fact was not the case. The banter and laughter from visiting politicians, including ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, party chairperson Baleka Mbete and Mandela's medical, team seemed slightly out of place and provoked criticism from the South African governement as well as the public.

    The ANC has previously been called to task for being secretive about the former president's health, but it seems like the public thought an exploitative video showing a drained Madiba propped up on an armchair was insensitive and unnecessary.

    Here is what some had to say on Twitter.

    John Robbie @702JohnRobbie

    Very sad seeing the footage of Madiba. And who was the idiot who took a pic of him with a flash? Disgraceful. Leave him alone.

    Jerm @mynameisjerm

    Madiba in hospital; ANC says he's doing great. Madiba frail in video; ANC says he's doing great. What's the step after denial? Acceptance?

    Khaya Dlanga @khayadlanga

    The ANC must free Mandela.
    Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose' ...

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    He has a rabbit in his ear? Why didn't I know that?
    Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose' ...