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  • Research on past elections

    Hi there,

    With the elections less than a week ago, I would like to shortly have your attention!

    My name is Marjolein Koster and I am a master student in Political Communication from the Netherlands. Currently I am living in Cape Town to write my master thesis, which is linked to the elections. To get the information I want, I developed a survey. On the day of the elections I already collected a lot of respondents, but I still need more. Therefore I am asking you to please fill in the survey by going to the link below. It is very short and completely anonymous!

    Also, I am searching for people who either switchted from one party to another or who didn't vote this year in contrast to previous years. I would like to interview these people, but a requirement would be that you live in Cape Town or we can speak via Skype.

    Would mean a lot to me if you could help me out!

    The link to the survey:

    Thank you.

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