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  • Websites unaccepted

    I strongly reprove the fact that some writers/contributers could use this forum to advertise/advance the aims and aspirations of their websites. Visitors are likely to be drifted to those sites if articles there catch their attention.

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    I agree.

    I'm leaving up the links that appear in the Business section, technically I think they belong there and thats where people will go for them.

    Any links in this page that go to pornographic web sites or dont benifit people on this forum please report here.

    Until we get a full time moderator/administrator in here I'm going to be moderating posts, deleting unacceptable posts and generally cleaning up this place where I can.

    Anyone on here a lot that wants to be a moderator please post here, we'll review it and your previous posts and get back to you. You can always apply in the community section.