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  • Admin, wake up!!

    This site is experiencing techinical difficulties. Who is supposed to fix it? Come on! Take it interest. There are actually folks who use this site regularly.

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    Just to let you know, this forum is about to undergo a change to fix these problems, yes the developers and administrators are aware of the problems on this site.

    Two days time, come back again and send any feedback to this messageboard and someone will deal with any further problems.

    Hope you like it



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      Hello Noth,

      No problem with free speech but when do get admin on these boards there should be some kind of rule.I know there are rules but it was not enforced.
      Three strikes and you're out, or for more serious stuff just off you go....The latter usually works the best.

      As far as I'm concerned racial/religious intolerance,or hate speech, of ANY nature is not welcome in real life,so shouldn't be on a professional website either.

      Especially a site that puts the best interests of my country to the world as a selling point.These past few months the forum has especially not been a good selling point due to vindictive contributers.Mainly Non-South Africans.It has taken lots of hard work trying to keep things in order by a few of us which love our country and people.

      There are members on this forum that has actually been banned from other websites because of hate speech and racism.I would recommend you take strong and decisive action against them.

      Looks like you guys are really trying to make an effort.That's great and much appreciated.

      I don't care much about the lawsuit regarding this website between virtual countries and the SA government.All I want to see is who ever takes care of this domain, do a decent job.South Africa needs all the positive support it can get.

      This domain and website has got a lot of potential and I know many South Africans on here would be more than happy to help with any advice or help you need.

      Thanks for taking on this project.