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  • MAP????

    Has anyone noticed that the map of South Africa on this home page is wrong? Il leave it with you.......

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    Hallo again, Rohan!

    Yes, we have noticed that PE seems to have moved south. It was pointed out to our tech guy, but nothing has been done as yet. I'll let the Admin know again.

    Please feel welcome to join the discussion in any of the threads, we love having newbies.


    [Edited by liza81 on 16th August 2004 at 22:08]


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      Hey Niquie, Rohan was kind enough to point out that the map of RSA on the homepage is not accurate!

      Then look at this map, and notice that Jeffreysbay and Port Elizabeth on the South-Eastern coast is supposed to be the other way around!


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        And you know what else?

        The poem on's home page is in Irish Gaelic, not Scottish Gaelic.

        The picture on Algeria's home page is not, I am told, representative of the majority of Algerians.

        But for heaven's sake...cities don't get up and mosey about now, do they?

        I will do what I can to get this fixed.


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          Hey thanks. I know you have a full plate as it is, so we really do appreciate it.

          I read that thread on about how it's Irish Gaelic and not Scottish Gaelic. Quite funny!


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            It's a wonderful site! One member there, Babz, has about 18,000 posts or so. And she would have had more, but she had a shoulder injury.

            Another great site that could use some new blood is It was once VCI's hottest site, then they changed the addy from to and it was as if you gassed the place! It went dead quiet.

            Go visit both of these fine forums. The members are great, fun, warm and welcoming. I look forward to seeing you people there.