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  • Blocked IP addresses

    Admin - Please check the following user's IP address against two users that left:

    Themagician (newly registered August 2004)

    Nubianman and Tiger32 (banned)

    He registered the same time when these two unfavourable users left from here.

    Nothing worse than trols logging on, under different user names.

    If so I'm sure you guys know what to do.


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    I got a match on Nubianman and TheMagician.

    I will allow Nubianman to pull one membership, leaving the other. If this isn't done within 48 hours, I take the appropriate action.

    The rule is, one member, one account.

    Thanks for the head's up.


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      Thanks Niquie.There's another user id I got a hunch on.

      Nethouse with an 'E'.Someone was using it as an alter ego for 'vocal' support and inciting prejudice.Wouldn't surprise me if it came from the same group.


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        Thanks, I really appreciate your being on top of this.

        BTW: I don't have the foggiest idea of how to pronounce your name. I just think of you as "Worchester Sauce."

        Can you help me out here?


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          I think nethouse and Tiger32 was the same person. They both used the word "obtuse" in the same incorrect way.

          How to pronounce Woestynryer: voo stain ray er

          Well done on spotting the similarities between Themagician and Nubianman, Woestie! I did think it was weird how suddenly and quietly we lost the involvement of Nubianman. Now we know why!



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            and just FYI, Woestynryer translates roughly as "Desert Rider"

            Are you a Sand-Boarder WR?

            Take it easy
            Common Sense is what tells you that the World is Flat


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              Niquie - Thanks for that.I just feel it just shows what type of characters we had lurking on this website.It's not just very sad but scary too that people have to use more than one username to put weight to their twisted views.

              If this was my website I would have put a name and shame on here as a deterend.These individuals only purpose with double,or even more,logins is to create chaos,mainly for selfish motives.Call them 'forum terrorists' if you like.

              It would explain why no matter what topic we started these people tried to create confusion,division and even fights between 'races'.
              I know we had similar people of sorts in South Africa but I noticed something in my travels and that it's definately not specific to South Africa.Idiots,like racists,have no skin colour.

              Thanks for asking about my name.It is a 'non de plume' from my real internet name which can be easily found with all my personal details if changed in a small way.I knew there will be some heat on this forum so didn't want to risk my real (copyrighted) nick.This is the only website I use this name.Thanks Lisa.Very good example.

              Anyway,Thank you Niquie for being so quick to check up on this - Regards - Voo-Stain-ray-ar ;-)