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  • Moderator ??

    I see I have been added as a moderator to various topics..... do any of you real moderators know how this happened? They are not even topic areas that I have any interest in, never mind the fact that I don’t really want to be a moderator.

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    I'll send you an e-mail and see what I can do about this.


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      I guess someone just thinks you're a stand-up guy, Jay!


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        ok, looks like I accidentally deleted his e-mail addy.

        Konsalik, het jy nog Mark se e-mail? wil jy nie vir hom 'n lyntjie drop en sê dat niemand vir jason gevra het of hy belang gestel het om 'n mod te wees nie, en dat hy, in fact, nie 'n mod wil wees nie?

        Thanks Liza


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          Personally I think you'd be a great moderator, and I know the other mods feel the same. Would you consider doing the job if you were put on topics in which you are more interested?



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            Cheers Voltair,

            Thing is, with the cost of being online in South Africa, Im not sure how often I can check the site out. And it seems like we have quite a few Mods on board anyhow.

            I have a feeling though i would have more to contribute from a standard member then as a moderator, so for now, I think Ill pass, but maybe a bit further down the line if its needed.

            Did you guys know that there were 6 players in that south african team against Scotland who played under 21's last year!! Thats good news for the future of our rugby hey

            Righto, got to crash.. those early morning surfs are wiping me out!!


            ahh okay.. leave me on as a silent mod if you need another one !!



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              If you seriously don't want to be a mod, send me an e-mail and I'll give you the Admin's addy so you can ask him to remove you. I think it's fine for you to stay on as a mod, all you do is if you get on and somebody posted something that obviously belongs on a different board on one of the boards you mod, you move it. If people get vulgar, you tsk at them, and if they do it again you can go in on their posts and [bleep] anything that offends you.
              Nothing hardcore really.