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    Wonder if you guys can give some guidance. I work with a UK expat who married a SA citizen and is here on a Spousal Visa with a Work Permit (Visitors Permit). They have been married 5 years but now the marriage is on the rocks. They are trying to work at it, but his concern is that he will have to leave the country if things go south. He has worked here for around 4 years. He loves it here and would be sad to go if things didn't work out. Is there anything he could do if that did happen?
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    Change of permit will be required

    Hi Braaiboy,

    Okay, if the marriage goes south, he has to change his current permit to that of a work permit (if he is employed in South Africa). Unfortunately it means he will have to submit a whole new application.

    He is allowed to change his status in South Africa, so he does not have to leave the country for this.

    The right time to start the permit application process would be when the divorce proceedings start.

    I hope this helps.

    Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions.

    Michaela Gabriel
    Initiate Immigration
    021 488 9800