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New immigration laws and regulations coming into effect

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  • New immigration laws and regulations coming into effect

    Hi all - apologies for the late update. In short, I will keep on adding as more becomes available, but here are what the changes mean for people immigrating to South Africa:

    · Visas will in future be called “port of entry visas and transit visas”
    · Temporary residence permits will in future be called “visas”
    · Visas (including visitor’s visas) must be applied for in person and from the applicant’s home country. Applications for extensions and renewals of visas may be made from within SA
    · Holders of visitors visas and medical treatment visas may not apply for a different visa from within the country
    · Fingerprints are required from all visa applicants
    · Stricter measures to combat child trafficking
    · Undertakings to submit police clearance certificates within 6 months after issuance no longer accepted
    · Exceptional skills permits no long exist. Freelancing sports stars, entertainers, musicians and other individuals with unique skills, which are not listed as “critical” have few options for long-stay visas.
    · Advertisements in national print media no longer required for general work permit applications, but a report must be obtained from the Department of Labour
    · Intra-company transfer visas now issued for up to four years, instead of two
    · No more immigration practitioners
    · Habitual overstayers can be banned from future visas

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    Final regulations in effect now

    The new regulations are now in effect. Please download the government gazette here:

    Visit for more news on this.


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      All the new immigration laws and changes

      All the new immigration laws and changes:
      All the new South African immigration laws and changes | Immigration South Africaâ„¢