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  • Seeking advise

    Hello, I'm a 24 year old British female who is travelling to SA in Feb for around 6 months to stay with my SA partner's family for a while.

    I would quite like to try and work out there in that time, but I'm becoming increasingly confused as to which visa to apply for to be able to stay in the country and work, which is what I'm seeking advise on.

    I understand that I can stay within the country for 90 days without a visa, but from then on I will need one.

    I wouldn't be able to apply for a spouse visa as my partner and I aren't married, and it seems for a working visa I can only apply if I've had a job transfer out there, which I havent.

    What must I do? Any advise and tips are very welcome, thank you!

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    Really need some advise on this please?


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      Check out these pages for some information on work visas in South Africa.

      Working in SA: work permits

      Department of Home Affairs - HOME
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        Thank you very much!