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Possibly Moving to SA for College Soon

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  • Possibly Moving to SA for College Soon

    I want to know if there are any good colleges in South Africa,particularly in the Cape Town Area.I will possibly go to college in the near future and am considering 3 general locations:New York(USA),California(USA),and South Africa.I hate living in Atlanta and I have read up on South Africa and how much it has changed for the better,and the good range of job opportunities there after college.

    -Jeremy Jackson

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    Jeremy - as a SA-expat in the US, let me tell you that SA college/university qualifications are not worth the ink they're printed in. Sad but true. You need to qualify in the States, and only then travel and satisfy your wanderlust!
    Good luck.


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      Very Ignorant Expat

      scatterling of Africa, where did you come up with that latest bit of garbage?

      I'll assume for now that you were just seeking a reaction and will let it be. Otherwise I implore you to do a bit of research on the standing of SA university qualifications before opening your mouth again.

      Jeremy, I assure you that many qualifications from SA universities are internationaly recognised.

      You may want to check out the following websites