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  • emmigrating to south africa

    I am from Ireland and am hoping to emigrate to SA next year if possible. I'ld love to hear from others who have left Ireland to go to SA and how difficult it was to get a visa. There is lots of information on visas on the net but its hard to know which one is suitable. Also how long does the process take? If anyone can advise me I'ld be delighted.


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    Can anyone who has suceeded in emigrating from the UK to SA PLEASE PLEASE give me some advice?

    I have begun the emigration process; I am hoping to move to Cape Town in February 2005 with my SA husband, and I am applying for residency.

    How difficult is it? I am particularly worried about the High Commission interview -what kind of questions can I expect?

    I have employed a solicitor to help me complete the application the best way possible, but I would really appreciate feedback from people who have been in a similar situation and have SUCCEEDED!



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      Welcome to our board. I'd say, begin with taking deep breaths

      Sadly, most people on this board are South Africans who either live in South Africa or the UK, USA and OZ.

      Given that SAffies can travel to the UK without much hassle I would assume that you should be able to travel to SA without much hassle too. I am not sure, however, I am assuming.

      I'll have a look around, see if I can find any usefull info for you.

      (I know of a Scottish guy living in South-Africa, send me an e-mail and I'll tell you where to find him. Just click the e-mail icon at the bottom of my post. I have no idea how long he's been there, if he has residency/visas or whatnot, but mabe he'll be able to help)



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        Well as a country with an economy that is still developing, someone who can contribute to the country, from a wealthy european country shouldnt have very much trouble emmigrating.

        A question I'd like to ask is whether or not its a good time to move back to south africa. How is the political and social climate for whites now?


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          For any visa questions I would recommend these immigration laywers.They are South Africans situated in London so know the best of both worlds.


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            Hey Sarah,

            My aunt and uncle recently emigrated from Wiltshire to South Africa. They have family in South Africa (i.e. my mom) but my mom attained her SA citizenship through marrying my dad, so that doesn't really count.

            They were able to get residency for two reasons:

            1. they brought a fair amount of cash (proceeds of selling their house and business in Wiltshire).
            2. they immediately started a business and employed South Africans (a creche/day care).

            I can't really see how the South African government can deny you residency if you are married to a South African citizen. The following is quoted from the Department of Home Affairs website. Here.

            (ii) SECTION 26(b)

            This category applies to the spouse of a South African citizen or permanent resident, provided that a good faith spousal relationship exists and on condition that the permit shall lapse if, within three years after the date of the application, the relationship no longer exists, except in the case of death. A spouse means a person who is party to:-

            * a marriage, i.e. a legally sanctioned conjugal relationship intended to be permanent and concluded under the laws of the Republic of South Africa, or under the laws of a foreign country. In the case of a marriage that had been contracted under the laws of a foreign country, such marriage must be substantiated by official documentation of the relevant foreign country, showing that the relationship subsisted as per six months prior to submission to the Department of Home Affairs; or
            * a customary union, i.e. a conjugal relationship according to indigenous law and custom and which is recognised and documented; or
            * a permanent homosexual or heterosexual relationship which calls for cohabitation and mutual financial and emotional support, and is proven by a prescribed affidavit substantiated by a notarial contract.

            Although the Department of Home Affairs recognises the fact that certain religions and customs allow men to have more than one wife, the benefits in terms of the Immigration Act shall be extended to one spouse only.
            This link will probably be useful to you as well. You might also want to download the Immigration Act itself. I once downloaded it from that site.

            Woestynryer's suggestion that you contact Breytenbach's is probably wise if you are overly stressed. It might ease your mind to have someone very experienced guide you through the process.