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    Hi everybody!

    It is my first coming on this discussion forum "moving" so I hope my message will work!

    I'm from France and I'm going in South Africa next August for 3 weeks (for vacation)! I was wondering if it is very difficult to find a job in tourism which means working with tourists, be a tour leader, a step on guide or work in a park or on tours or stays there?
    I wanna work in SA but I don't know if there are a lot of opportunities in that sector?
    And what about the security there because many of my friends think I'm crazy to want to live there? I don't know what to do and think about it?

    Is there anybody who can help me please?...
    Thank you very much for your help!

    See you soon!

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    hallo - it's me again
    People are sometimes quite slow with replying on this site. I have some links for you - hope they are helpful
    I really don't know if what you want to do will be hard or not. I think you'll be just fine though. My mom had a french girl live with her for almost a year (my mom lives in botswana) and if Sandrine could do it, so can you!
    (this one is for the gov's board of tourism - you might be able to get some info from them)
    (these are companies that offer tours - they might be able to help too)

    So which part of the country are you going to? August is a great month at home! the weather just starts turning to spring - it's till quite chilly in August. The farther north you are, the warmer it is though August is a very windy month. hold on to your hat!

    hope the links help.