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  • Bryanston info please

    Further to earlier posting re Sandton, have now discovered the office has moved from there to Bryanston! Any info on life in Bryanston welcome; housing, social life, restaurants, shopping, personal safety. Are Bryanston and Sandton different towns or is one a district of the other? I can't find any maps showing both!

    I have still been unable to find income tax info. Presumably Brits would pay tax in SA. Does the amount depend on earnings? If anyone knows tax rates that apply to different income bands that would be really helpful. All I know is that tax might be up to 45% but it would be helpful to know what rate we'd be likely to pay.

    Does anyone know what the rough cost of a 2-bedroomed place would be? We'd probably want to be in some kind of apartments or condos with shared facilities eg a pool & gym near to Sloane Street.

    All info very much appreciated.

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    Hi Cathy,

    Here is a link to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) web page. You should find all the taxation info you need there.

    Click the thumbnail below to get a bigger view of the map.

    As you can see, Bryanston and Sandton are both suburbs of Johannesburg in the north west. I would imagine that they're comparable areas.

    I can't help you on the cost of accommodation there, but some of the local newspapers might have online classifieds. Try The Star.