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  • Moving back to SA


    My partner and I are moving back to Cape Town in February next year - after 5 years in the UK. I really can't wait! I know the country may have its downsides for the moment, but CT is such a fantastic city it really makes up for all that.

    Just wondering if anyone can give advice regarding the purchasing of cars... Not sure what hijacking stats are like in CT, but is there any car that should be avoided because of the demand for spare parts etc. We're quite the "outdoorsy" type - kitesurfing, camping, etc - so would be good to get something practical. Have thought about an old VW camper, or the new VW Transporter. Otherwise its a bakkie I guess, although we not so keen on the look of those...

    Any other thoughts are welcome!


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    Hijacking isn't really a problem in Cape Town. You're looking at about R11/litre for petrol and R12/litre for diesel, but you get better fuel economy with a diesel. Call insurance agents because some vehicles (e.g. BMW, Golf GTi) are very expensive to insure. You may pay a little more for something less ubiquitous, but find you save overall with the cost of insurance.


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      I would love to move down to CT. That place is Heaven itself!