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Dual nationality help please!

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  • Dual nationality help please!

    Hi there

    I was born and raised in South Africa, in 2007 I moved to England, UK with my family and got a British Passport because my parents are both British. We paid a travel agent to arrange all the necessary passport and forms etc. and I am not sure if she cancelled my South African passport.

    Now, I am planning to go back home and only have a British passport in my hands. I cannot recall what I did with my South African passport or if the travel agent took it when/if she cancelled it, but I would like to now find out if I am able to go back to South Africa to live without a South African passport.

    I am not too sure who to speak to about this. I have tried to contact the SA consulate in London but their telephone doesn't work and there is no email address that I can see. I have sent them a message on their website but not sure if it will even be read

    I am going back with my fiancé of 5 years who has dual nationality (SA & British) and my 11 month old daughter who was born in Britain and has a British passport. What I would like to know please is:
    A) Do I need a South African passport to live there if my fiancé has one?
    B) Does my daughter need a South African passport if her father has one?

    Many thanks and sorry for the 50,000 questions