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Need Info regarding South Africa

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  • Need Info regarding South Africa

    I have always wanted to live in South Africa, but never had the chance. And well, I am not getting any younger, I want to live in another country for a couple of years and would like to know how easy is it to get into Africa, and if there is any work regarding Air coinditioning and refrigeration, ect....and what do I need to move there?

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    First of all...why do you want to go to africa...of all places?

    I can tell you this will not find a job and we don't have that many air conditioners in homes like in America, only the rich and famous can afford it. And there are so many people doing this kind of job and trying to make a living out of it.

    But you never might just have good luck on your side.


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      Thank you for the info, I appreciate it. I am not sure why I pick South Africa, it has always been somewhere I wanted to go.


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        Hi THeir

        I am also in the HVAC business. I also made a visit to South africa, this last May, for a 2 week visit, found it really interesting; to find a job their; it's not very easy; unless you are a Doctor; or other highy skilled professional.