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Moving to Pretoria / Rosslyn S.A

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  • Moving to Pretoria / Rosslyn S.A

    Hi, I'm currently living in England and my partner has been given the opportunity to work in SA for 6 months, needless to say we both jumped at the chance as its a once in a life time opportunity which can't possible be rejected! As our feet have now just hit the ground we have started coming up with some questions; previous messages have settled my thoughts on safety but I have other more, some would say, girlie type questions like shopping?.... What are the clothes shops like, price of shoes, clothes, trainers, jeans etc...
    Look forward to venturing into the unknown and thanks for your help!

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    Hi Claire, to answer some of your girlie questions ... there is lots, lots of everything to buy. And the Rand is weak (and seems to be getting weaker) so you will have a lovely time shopping. You have unfortunately missed our summer, so there will not be any tanning for you, but that is something you can look forward to come November. All the best!!